Cary Audio Design

Cary Audio Design was founded in May, 1989 by Dennis Had and his wife, Donna, on their dining room table. Dennis’ passion for electronics started when he was seven years old. He and his boyhood friends used to build all types of vacuum tube amplifiers. The contest was to see which one sounded the best. As Dennis states, “Nothing ever could sound as good as his single-ended amplifiers.” Dennis won his first blue ribbon when he entered one of his amplifier designs in a seventh grade science project. This simply fueled his passion to continue to design and build audio electronics. As time progressed, Dennis founded several other companies, primarily in the RF field. However, his passion for audio electronics remained. One day while in a High-End audio store, Dennis had the opportunity to see the products of several High-End companies. As he examined them, he realized that he could make a superior product. Thus, Cary Audio Design was born.

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