Sound is subjective. It cannot be unambiguously said whether the reproduced sound is good or bad. It all depends on the person listening to it, the surroundings and purpose of the sound. When speaking of high fidelity the actual quality of audio gains great meaning. Purity of sound is the essence of this quality. However even the highest purity does not necessarily mean that the heard sound is natural. Penaudio is intented for those who love both: pure and natural sound.

The speakers of Penaudio represent blend of long traditions of Nordic carpentry and the latest techniques in the working of wood. In them one can hear the sound of the northern nature. The touch of fine woodworker mister Petri Polso can be seen in the finishing of the speakers. Handmade and veneered speaker cabinets are a great display of woodwork mastery. Unlike many modern devices speakers last practically forever. Therefore cabinet must also be long lasting both in physical and aesthetic way.

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