Revel is a unique loudspeaker company that produces and designs innovative, no-compromise products to expand the performance envelope of home sound reproduction.


It benefits from the vast resources of its parent, Harman International Industries, but remains an independent company completely focused on maximum performance and quality above all other issues. The technical resources, testing facilities, and decades of experience in transducer and speaker system design encompassed by the Harman companies are enormous assets available to Revel. The Revel staff includes the professional skills of a complete complement of relevant disciplines, including engineers skilled and experienced in transducer and system design, industrial design, manufacturing engineering, quality control, marketing, and customer service.


Starting with a clean slate, Revel products are conceived to fulfill real functions in the very finest home entertainment environments. A Revel loudspeaker is only “finished” when it delivers enhanced beauty and performance in your home. To help ensure these results, all franchised Revel dealers are carefully selected and trained.


Technological advances by Revel engineers have resulted in a series of measurements that far more closely reflect what we hear than has been possible to predict from measurements in the past. This objectification allows a rigorous design process that results in dramatically better sound quality.


Unique double-blind listening tests conducted in state of-the-art facilities provide essential guidance during loudspeaker development and objective confirmation that each and every Revel model provides “best-in-class” sound quality.


See and hear Revel products for yourself, and experience the passion of this exceptional company.

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