Confidence C1

“The Dynaudio Confidence C1 Mini-Monitors are as close to perfection as loudspeakers get.” Chip Stern – Positive Feedback Online.

Itself a perfect example of Dynaudio’s tradition of producing incredible compact speakers, the C1 serves as an ideal building-block for any high-end music or home theater system.

By carefully adapting the Confidence concept to the requirements of a compact speaker, the C1 achieves, both in traditional stereo as in multi-channel/home theater applications, an unrivalled level of sound quality and refinement, with a large soundstage, incredible accuracy and tonal balance, with pinpoint imaging, natural midrange, and amazing extension at both frequency extremes.

Incredibly adaptable, the C1 works in small and large areas alike. Pair with powerful Ayre or McIntosh amplification and a they will fill the largest rooms with well defined sound and deep bass.