Confidence C4

“…the listener will be knocked out by its natural-sounding midrange, its high-frequency transparency and lack of grain, and its well-defined, stable stereo imaging, none of which have been achieved at the expense of the speaker’s musical communication.” John Atkinson – Stereophile

The C4 combines a unique slim cabinet with an innovative baffle design. Aa completely new design-concept defines the front of the loudspeaker as a design element in its own right. The multiple-layer high-density baffle yields extremely low-resonance and de-couples the loudspeaker drivers from the cabinet itself.

Despite the slim dimensions, this innovative design concept allows for the integration of substantially larger bass driver than otherwise would be possible. Particularly noteworthy are the reinforcement glass panels, which contribute to the distinct profile of the cabinet.

The cabinet is constructed by specially trained carpenters and involves numerous cycles of sanding and polishing by hand during the elaborate finishing process. The result is a luxurious finish that will retain its beauty even after decades.

Capable of producing prodigious bass, the C4 should be given adequate distancing from boundaries and a medium sized or larger room. The C4′s incredible transparency will reveal the merits of the best associated equipment. The C4 is the perfect starting point for a full-sized reference system.