Confidence Center

“…the Confidence Center ranks among the most-sophisticated center speakers I have encountered.” Brent Butterworth – Home Entertainment

Expansive multi-channel music recordings and perfect movie dialogue and surround effects are experienced at reference level with Dynaudio Confidence Center.

In the Confidence Center, two coated fabric dome tweeters are integrated into a strong, 10 mm thick aluminium plate to avoid resonance. Both domes are mounted very close to each other, and in conjunction with the specially tuned crossover, offer the benefits Dynaudio Directivity Control. The effects of floor and ceiling reflections are greatly reduced, allowing pristine sound quality.

The two woofers are powered by 3″ aluminium/Kapton® voice coils and highly efficient neodymium magnets, mounted into a stiff, low-resonance, low-mass aluminium basket. The dual driver arrangement allows a powerful, tight and controlled reproduction of music and sound effects, with a perfectly seamless integration into the soundstage. This is extremely important in modern movie productions, as the sound-stage foundation is built upon the center channel information.

The cabinet is constructed by specially trained carpenters and involves numerous cycles of sanding and polishing by hand during the elaborate finishing process. The result is a luxurious finish that will retain its beauty even after decades.

The Dynaudio Confidence Center is a reference level speaker and is suitable for the finest multi-channel music and home theater systems. Its extreme transparency will bring the most out of the highest quality electronics.