Excite X36

The Dynaudio Excite X36 delivers large scale musical pleasure. Powerful dynamics and exacting depth create an impressive soundstage.

Musical instruments, vocals and audio effects are reproduced with absolute life-like authenticity.

This large floor-standing loudspeaker comprises an optimized 3-way system with a dual woofer array. Thanks to the ensuing large membrane surface and the twin magnets, plus a separate dedicated midrange driver, music and sound effects are perfectly projected into the room – to be heard and to be felt. This requires that the loudspeaker have ample dimensions since only though a large cabinet volume can such a realistic and believable volume be achieved.

The highly rigid low resonance construction of the X36 is equally essential in order to authentically reproduce the highest volume levels. The stable plinth with removable spikes ensures a safe yet stable footing on any floor.

With the extremely powerful Dynaudio Excite X36 music will be relived in all its depth.