iDecco Integrated Amplifier

World’s 1st Tube Hybrid Integrated Amp with PURE DIGITAL iPod Dock 

The Peachtree Audio iDecco extracts the digital audio from your iPod and sends it directly to the iDecco’s built-in high-performance ESS Sabre DAC. After the digital bitstream is converted to an analog music signal, it travels through the iDecco’s class A tube-buffered preamplifier stage to a high-current, 40 watt per channel amplifier, ready to drive your speakers of choice.

The iDecco is actually FIVE products in one . . .

  • PURE DIGITAL iPod Dock
  • Integrated Amplifier
  • Class A Tube Preamplifier
  • Stand-Alone Multi-Input DAC
  • Class A Headphone Amplifier

In addition, the iDecco provides a component video out connection so you can use your iPod as a “New Millennium VCR” and watch movies, TV shows and podcasts on your flat panel TV or monitor.


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