iNova Integrated Amplifier

Gorgeous Audio Combined With Beautiful Looks

The iNova starts with our award winning Stereophile Product of the Year – the Nova – and ups the ante.

Improvements in the iNova

  • A higher resolution 32 bit DAC which resolves up to 24bit/192kHz on coax SPDIF. The USB now gives you 24bit/96kHz resolution directly from your computer.
  • A new redesigned preamp with a Russian 6N1P tube buffer gives the iNova a greater sense of three-dimensional sound and a more detailed soundstage.
  • The amp was fitted with upgraded capacitors making the iNova more dynamic and punchier in the bass region.
  • The iPod dock allows you to experience PURE DIGITAL sound from your iPod. Digital music sounds like never before!

The changes result in improved dynamics and higher resolution.

The iNova features an 80 watt per channel amplifier, class A tube preamp, high resolution digital-to-analog converter, class A headphone amplifier and a PURE DIGITAL iPod dock. The upgrades are notable. If you want the very best resolution possible for computer audio or from streaming devices like Apple TV, Sonos and many others now on the market, the iNova will certainly fit the bill. The Nova remains available and is a top performer in its class.