The Revel Performa B150 subwoofer raises the bar for subwoofer performance anywhere near its size or price. Distortion levels are vanishingly low, without resorting to servo mechanisms. The B150 is ideally suited for use with the finest main loudspeakers, either for music or film sound. Its massive 15-inch transducer and 1,200W RMS power amplifier combine to provide extraordinarily high output levels. Advanced technology provides clean dynamics on all types of music, as well as with the most punishing film sound.
  • Highest low-distortion output capability in its class
  • 15-inch woofer with 36 lb motor system, 4-inch voice coil, and 1.5-inch linear excursion
  • Ultra-low distortion woofer without servos features symmetrical magnetic field, flux stabilization ring and copper shorting ring
  • High-power amplifier with 1,200W RMS continuous output, and 2800W peak
  • Advanced protection circuitry allows unrestricted dynamics for maximum “punch”