The C32 mates with the F32 floor-standing loudspeaker and the M22 monitor. Featuring broad dispersion, low coloration and consistent off-axis response, the C32 is remarkably versatile, with an adjustable boundary compensation system that provides optimum timbral accuracy with on-monitor placement or stand mounting, and even for built-inwall applications.
A three-way design, the C32 features a pair of 5¼-inch woofers and a 4-inch midrange; all magnetically-shielded and equipped with newly developed Organic Composite Ceramic cones or improved transparency, timbral accuracy, and freedom from distortion. Featuring a sophisticated Dual Neodymium magnet motor system, these drivers also incorporate large flat-wire edge-wound voice coils for maximum dynamic range and freedom from dynamic compression. A precision switched-resistor high frequency level control provides exact treble level tuning for optimal high frequency balance from the 1-inch pure titanium dome tweeter.
Precise multi-element high-order crossovers are individually divided on separate circuit boards to prevent degradation due to component interaction. As with all Revel speaker systems, each C32 is individually tuned to match the production reference standard to within a fraction of a decibel, assuring outstanding consistency and optimal blend with other Revel speakers. Two sets of binding posts provide for bi-amping and bi-wiring as well.

The elegant slim cabinet features sophisticated internal bracing that eliminates cabinet-induced coloration, and is available in a choice of two beautiful wood veneer finishes: natural cherry or black ash. An optional black pedestal raises the C32 off the floor and also provides optimal tilt toward the listening area.