As the most important reproducer in a multi-channel surround sound system, the center channel speaker must deliver vocals and dialog with the utmost clarity along with music and special effects, and must also match the tonality of the main left and right front speakers.
The Performa C52 center channel loudspeaker is the ideal companion to our F52 and F32 models, delivering a combination of tonal neutrality and outstanding dynamic range, fully up to the task of providing faithful reproduction with today’s explosive movie soundtracks and high-resolution multi-channel music sources, such as DVD-Audio and SACD.
Featuring a pair of 8-inch Organic Ceramic Composite cone high performance woofers, along with a 5¼-inch OCC cone midrange driver, the F52 also features our recently developed and proprietary Constant Acoustic Impedance tweeter waveguide technology. The 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter is housed in the specially-shaped CAI waveguide, which provides optimum acoustic impedance loading along with precise horizontal and vertical dispersion. Together, these components contribute to the virtual acoustic invisibility of the tweeter, which cannot be localized as an individual driver, providing a seamless acoustic blend and abroad and expansive soundstage.
The three high order, steep slope crossovers are physically separated to prevent mutual interference, and each C52 is individually hand-tuned to within a fraction of a decibel to match the production reference standard. A rear panel control allows acoustic optimization for stand mounting, on-monitor, and in-cabinet placement. Another control provides high frequency level adjustment in ½ dB increments. The elegant cabinetry is available in your choice of natural cherry or black ash natural wood veneers.