The F32 combines large floor-standing loudspeaker performance in an elegant slim cabinet design with a small “footprint” for maximum placement versatility and high visual appeal. It features four magnetically-shielded proprietary drivers that offer a host of improvements in vital areas such as dynamics, distortion, and dynamic compression along with improved low-frequency reproduction and wider placement versatility.
The F32 features two high-performance 6½-inch woofers that provide the surface area of a much larger single driver and produce authoritative bass with tremendous output capability. Exclusive Organic Ceramic Compound cone material assures piston-like diaphragm operation, contributing to the very low distortion and freedom from coloration.
Sophisticated Dual Neodymium magnetic motor systems optimize linearity over a wide operating range, resulting in consistent timbre and low distortion over a wide dynamic range. These remarkable drivers also feature 2-inch high power-handling flat-wire edge-wound voice coils for unprecedented power handling capability and low distortion.
Virtually identical to the woofer except for size, the 5¼-inch midrange driver is optimized for the crucial midrange frequencies, providing remarkably smooth timbral response and wide dynamic range with vanishingly low distortion. The treble frequencies are faithfully reproduced by a newly developed 1-inch pure titanium dome tweeter that features true pistonic behavior over its entire operating range and incorporates Ferrofluid® cooling.
Nearly half the width of its predecessor, the F32 cabinetry features tapered sides that provide a svelte appearance and improved placement flexibility, aided by a Contour setting for various in-room acoustical conditions as well a Boundary setting that allows for near-wall and in-wall installations.
Each F32 is carefully calibrated to match the production reference standard to within a fraction of a decibel and is superbly finished in a choice of natural cherry or black ash wood veneer.