A five-driver, three-way design, the Performa F52 includes a trio of high performance 6½-inch woofers that incorporate our exclusive Organic Ceramic Composite cone technology, which provides the ultimate combination of rigidity and lightness. Featuring butyl surrounds and high strength magnetic motor structures, together these woofers provide the deep bass response commonly associated with a much larger single driver, along with low distortion and wide frequency response, allowing a much narrower cabinet profile. The 5¼-inch OCC cone midrange driver is similarly equipped, and is housed in its own sub-enclosure within the F52’s elegant cabinet, which is constructed of thick and acoustically inert MDF and features substantial internal bracing for added rigidity.
The F52 tweeter assembly features a proprietary 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter housed in an integrated Constant Acoustic Impedance waveguide, which provides both optimum acoustic loading as well as optimized horizontal and vertical dispersion. The result is a virtually seamless transition from the midrange to the treble frequencies that also provides virtual acoustic invisibility, where the tweeter itself cannot be localized as an individual driver.
As with other Performa models, each F52 is individually calibrated during production and hand-tuned to within a fraction of a decibel to the production reference standard, assuring unparalleled unit-to-unit consistency. Three physically separated high order, steep slope crossovers each feature tight tolerance components, and two pairs of inputs on the rear panel allow for bi-wiring or bi-amping, while a precision tweeter adjustment allows fine tuning of the high frequency balance in exact ½ dB increments.
The Performa F52 is available in your choice of elegant wood veneer finishes – cherry or black ash.