Cosecant HS USB DAC with Upgradable DAC Modules

The Cosecant is where it all started at CES 2004. At first I did not think this technology would work…. was I wrong! The Cosecant v3 connects the USB controller to a DAC module connector. The USB firmware to run that dac module resides there so each module has it’s own developed code. The output of the module connector is sent directly to the 6GM8/ECC86 dual triode output tube which drives the transformer coupled output. The Cosecant has an external power supply with IEC connector to isolate the power from the DAC and it’s audio transformers. The Cosecant is also available with an optional volume control if you want to control your entire system from the computer output.

Since the Cosecant has transformer coupled output the Cosecant is actually fully balanced. A simple adapter (or custom cable) can be used to convert the RCA to an XLR connection.