Proton 24/96 USB DAC with Headphone Output

The Proton is for desktops, home audio, travel whatever! The idea is to make a dac that could run without a power supply and still sound wonderful. The idea is simple: we can use the USB power to provide for the necessities and then for the critical areas the LiION battery can supply the extra clean power for the dac and the headphone outputs. The battery is recharged when the computer is not active, asleep or off on many desktops. The Proton supports 24 bit data at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96k and is indicated on the rear by four LEDs. The volume control icon for the headphone and line output will appear on the computer desktop. Setting the volume slider on the computer will result in commands sent over the USB link to the Proton to set the analog volume control for the outputs to the desired setting. Since both the Headphone and Line outputs change with the volume setting on the computer the Proton can be a powerful DAC Preamplifier combo. Not skimping on quality the Proton uses Mundorf coupling caps for the line outputs and the legendary Black Gate BGN (yes the red ones) coupling capacitors for the Headphone outputs.

SoundStage Good Sound gave the Proton a really nice review by Doug Blackburn, winning the Good Sound! Great Value award.