Xeo 3

Xtremely professional-grade. Xeo 3, from the finest studios in the world right into your living room.

The Xeo 3 is a wireless, remote controlled actively powered loudspeaker. And is built by the people who’ve built the foundations of the recording world. Epitomizing sonic neutrality, over 10,000 of our legendary Dynaudio active monitors are installed in studios all around the planet every year.

Some of the most prominent studios, including the esteemed Air Studios and Mayfair Studios as well as the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England, the NRG Studios in Hollywood, California, and Paragon Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, rely on Dynaudio technology. BBC Radio & Music selected Dynaudio loudspeakers as the reference monitor for their new UK and international production facilities, while the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) chose to order more than 500 Dynaudio Acoustics monitors for their all-new multimedia facility, DR-BYEN in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore, many sound designers in the multimedia sector create their audiovisual experiences on Dynaudio monitors. These are the guys in the know. And there is no reason why you should be content with less. Unplug and play.



  • Xeo 3 is wireless
  • Xeo 3 is high end
  • Xeo 3 is multi source
  • Xeo 3 is multi zone