Dynaudio Special Forty – Happy 40th Anniversary!

The Dynaudio “Special Forty” is an aptly named loudspeaker, representing the 40 year milestone for Dynaudio. What makes the special forty so special? Let me tell you. First of all, Dynaudio has chosen to set the price of their 40th Anniversary speaker at a very reasonable $2,999, given that the company makes speakers ranging from $800 to well beyond $100,000 per pair. But don’t let the relatively low price fool you because the Special Forty is a world class performer with looks to die for. The Special Forty is available in two high gloss cabinet finishes, Grey Birch and Red Birch.

One of the most significant attributes that attracted Seattle Hi-Fi to Dynaudio is the fact Dynaudio manufactures all their own drivers – tweeters, midranges, and woofers. Thus, they have control of the whole process, from concept to finished product, including cabinet and cross-over construction.  This has been the case from the beginning, and some of the biggest names in the world have, at one time or another, incorporated Dynaudio drivers in their speakers. One of the first times we learned about Dynaudio was back in the 90’s when Totem incorporated Dynaudio drivers in their Model One. Unfortunately for the many companies wanting to use the Dynaudio drivers, Dynaudio eventually made a strategic decision not to sell their drivers to other companies, preferring instead to keep their proprietary designs for use in their own branded products.

The Special Forty is the culmination of all that Dynaudio has learned in its forty year history of manufacturing drivers and loudspeakers, packaging that knowledge in an affordable, gorgeous, compact design. Dynaudio created new, purpose-built drivers for this incredible, compact 2-way.  The tweeter is a new version of the classic Esotar2 high frequency driver, dubbed the “Esotar Forty”.  The frequency range covered by this specially designed tweeter easily exceeds the average soft dome designs.  It also has the ability to easily handle high sound pressure levels. The mid-bass driver in the 40 is equally special, incorporating Dynaudio’s signature over-sized voice coil for low distortion and high power handling ability.  Again, it’s frequency and power response is shocking, allowing the incorporation of 1st order filters in both directions (high and low pass) – thus making the “40” virtually phase linear!

Oh, and as we already mentioned, the 40’s are absolutely gorgeous!  You have to see them up close in person to truly appreciate their beauty. We could go on and on about these special speakers, but we really want you to come in and audition the Special Forty for yourself.



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