Seattle Hi-Fi Introduces Dynaudio’s new Xeo 2, making true high-end sound quality more accessible than ever before.



Dynaudio is delighted to announce the introduction of its smallest and most affordable active high-end wireless loudspeakers to date: the Xeo 2. The miniature marvels deliver a scale of sound reproduction that astonishes considering the $1,599 per pair Xeo 2’s compact dimensions and competitive price point. What’s more, the new Xeo 2 wireless connectivity means that there’s never been an easier way to enjoy music. Thanks to Dynaudio’s sophisticated DSP and advanced loudspeaker technology, the new model works wonders with anything from a phone or TV to more traditional music sources such as CD players or music streamers.

Featuring a characteristically clean and understated Danish design and available in either satin black or satin white lacquer, the exquisite finish and solid build of Dynaudio’s latest model promises to enhance any environment it is placed in. The compact dimensions make the Xeo 2 ideal for bookshelf or sideboard placement, while for added convenience the speakers can be wall-mounted and include provisions for a VESA bracket (a dedicated Dynaudio Xeo 2 Wall Mount bracket ($145/per pair) and Xeo 2 Desk Stand ($240/per pair) are optionally available).
Audiophile-grade sound in any part of your home. 
The Xeo 2’s sleek design brings true audiophile-grade sound to the living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other part of the home – albeit without the unsightly series of cables, amps, preamps, DACS and bulky cabinets usually associated with high-end audio. Dynaudio has equipped the Xeo 2 with direct inputs on one speaker – two analog (1/8” mini and RCA stereo) and one 24/96 direct optical digital input capable of lossless, high-resolution playback. Thus no wireless transmitter is required as the speakers operate wirelessly on their own closed network.
The Xeo 2 also works with Dynaudio’s Hub or Connect wireless transmitters, which are optionally available and add additional source connectivity as well as multi-room capabilities. Whether connected directly at the speakers or via one of Dynaudio’s wireless transmitters, the Xeo 2 performs without loss of quality or lag, making them perfect for integrating with a TV as well as for music sources.
Renowned for the high performance drivers and loudspeakers models crafted at its state-of-the art R&D facilities at the company’s Skanderborg, Denmark headquarters, Dynaudio has repeatedly innovated in the field of high-end wireless audio over the past few years. Three years ago, Dynaudio launched the world’s first high-end wireless hi-fi system in the form of the Xeo 3 and 5 models. Dynaudio continued this momentum launching its flagship Focus XD early in 2015, taking high-resolution audio loudspeakers wireless. Now Dynaudio is ready to launch its smallest and most affordable active wireless system to date, combining high-end audio with a level of convenience never before experienced.
Bluetooth has never sounded this good. 
Packing high fidelity tones into a compact package, it is not only the size and design of Xeo 2 that makes this the most convenient high-end sound system around, but also its ease of use. Following in the footsteps of its larger siblings’ simple plug and play functionality, the Xeo 2 takes this one step further with its direct inputs while also integrating simple Bluetooth streaming with aptX and AAC support.
As one would expect from a Dynaudio product, the construction of Xeo 2 is second to none. The cabinet comes in the form of a composite moulding. The speaker also features an expertly crafted aluminum baffle, which provides extra rigidity to the cabinet and is key to the controlled sound stage that Dynaudio is famous for.
Advanced DSP meets finest loudspeaker technology. 
Inside the cabinet, Dynaudio’s technical prowess truly shines. Featuring a sophisticated digital crossover, the Xeo 2 boasts active DSP filters, true time coherent phase linear FIR filters, and optimized Sound Power and Adaptive Bass technologies, which enhances bass output against amplifier load. This allows Xeo 2 to extend to lower frequencies than what would be normally be expected from a speaker of this compact size.
Each driver is powered by 65 Watts of pure digital amplification. The all-new, 27mm specially-coated soft-dome tweeter ensures an exceptionally smooth response and provides the listener with the authentic musical reproduction characteristic of Dynaudio. The 14cm mid/woofer boasts a one-piece, thermo-formed proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cone – designed for extra rigidity and a tighter, more controlled sound –mated to a 38mm pure aluminum wire voice coil, and is housed in a moulded composite frame.
The Dynaudio Xeo 2 will begin shipping by the end of November 2015, and will be priced at $1,599 per pair.




Xeo 2 Technical Specifications


Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB):    40 Hz – 24 kHz

Box Principle:
                                   Bass Reflex

                                        2 way/3100 Hz

Woofer:                                             14 cm MSP

                                           27mm soft dome

Woofer Ampli
fier:                            65W

Tweeter Amplifier:

AC Power Input:
                              100-240V; 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:

Power Consumption, Standby:       <0.5W

                                             4 kg/8.8 lbs

Dimensions (W x H x D):                 173 x 255 x 154 mm/6.8” x 10” x 6.1”




Direct Digital Audio In                     Toslink (up to 24 bit/192 kHz)
Direct Analog Audio In:                   RCA; 1/8” mini
Wireless:                                           Bluetooth; Hub (16/48); Connect (16/48 and 24/96)

Service:                                            USB (Service updates only)




Speaker Position
:                            Neutral/Wall/Corner

L/R Mode
:                                         Left/Right

Zone (receiver groups):                  Red/Green/Blue


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