Seattle Hi-Fi Welcomes Martin Logan

New Martin Logan ElectroMotion Series

The new Martin Logan Electromotion series is here! Pushing thin film transducer technology to its limit, the ElectroMotion Series floorstanding loudspeakers feature the most affordable full-size XStatTM electrostatic transducers ever designed. Voice-matched center and surround speakers feature Folded Motion tweeter technology.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive from:

Sound & Vision:
“For me, auditioning this ElectroMotion ESL X speaker system was like going home again. The affordable (by MartinLogan standards) electrostatic towers delivered the detailed, lifelike sound I know and love, and the solid foundation provided by the Dynamo 1500X subwoofer enabled them to reach dynamic heights I hadn’t previously experienced in my days as a MartinLogan-phile.” – Al Griffin

SECRETS of Home Theater and High Fidelity:
“I think MartinLogan really hit their mark with these speakers. Like most electrostatic speakers, they have great clarity of sound with a vivid mid range. Add that the EM-ESL X’s improve on the dynamic presentation. This, along with enhanced dispersion and staging qualities means you have a very worthy product for just about any system that needs floor standing speakers.” – Jim Clements

and Many More!

Need more proof? Call today to make an appointment to hear them yourself!


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